Don’t be a Jackaxe

jackaxe (n): loud, disruptive thrower who doesn’t respect his fellow axe throwers and may also toss back a few too many brews. Don’t be that guy.

What to expect at Hatchet Club

When you arrive for your reservation at Hatchet Club, you’ll be introduced to your coach. Your coach will give you a brief throwing lesson that includes proper grip, technique, and safety instructions. They will be available throughout your reservation to assist you and your group.

Play on

You’ll be assigned a lane for axe throwing.
Whether you decide to simply enjoy an hour and a half of casual throwing, where you have fun practicing your throws at the target, or you’d rather play one of our five game scenarios, all of our guests should expect a respectful atmosphere where everyone can have an enjoyable evening.

  1. Must wear closed toed shoes.
  2. Never place fingers through fencing.
  3. Only 1 thrower in the lane at all times, including the safety zone.
  4. Make sure the lane is clear of all thowers before throwing.
  5. No underhand, behind the back, or other trick shots.
  6. No food or drink inside the safety zone.
  7. Never hand off an axe, always place it in holder after retrieving it.
  8. Never try to catch an axe in motion.


Bring your own Burger

We encourage our guests to bring their own food to Hatchet Club. We hope to soon acquire our own liquor license, but until then water and sodas are available to purchase.

Dress Code

Viking Helmet

Not Required


Always fashionable, but not required.

Active Wear

Axe throwing is a physical activity, so be sure to wear clothes that allow for movement and comfort.

Be our guest

Reserve a date and time.

Book online so we can reserve your spot. We do accept walk-ins, but we cannot guarantee a lane will be free at that time.

Learn to throw.

Our certified coaches will teach you the fundamentals of axe throwing and be available to assist you during your reservation.


Now that you’re trained, it’s time to hone your skills by playing one of our five games, or, do some casual throwing for fun.

Join the club

When you join our in-house club, you’ll be the first to know about everything happening at Hatchet Club, including special discounts, events, merchandise specials, and more. You'll also be entered in our monthly drawing where we giveaway a free piece of merch! Members can also partake in our in-house competitions, beginning this spring.